Printmaking and Mixed Media

Thyme Cottage Artworks is a small cottage industry - literally myself, Carole Thirlaway, and my small studio. I endeavour to produce high quality artwork using a variety of materials.

I am now predominately a printmaker, mainly working as a wood engraver. I also create collagraphs and monoprints, enjoying the surprise element in printmaking as I am never quite sure how a piece will turn out until the result is revealed when it comes through the press! I enjoy the contrast between the freedom of collagraphs and the discipline of engraving.

My work is influenced by nature, colour, texture and poetry. I live in Northumberland and also spend time in France. These places are a constant source of inspiration, sometimes in the beauty of the hills or the changes in light and colour.

I have had a number of exhibitions during the past few years including one in Dennis Kilgallon's beautiful 'Gallery in the Hills', The Forge Gallery in Allendale and various others. My work is being exhibited at the moment in an exhibition at The Flat Cat Gallery in Lauder and Woodhorn Museum. Unfortunately both of these exhibitions have been affected by Corona Virus.I am hoping the one at the Flat Cat Gallery will continue after lockdown but I will keep you informed.

Also, as Chair of Network Artists Artists North East I am in the process of organising events with other board directors. I am exhibiting as part of a group exhibition in March and April at The Gallery in the Hills. This is a Network Artists event organised from within by the hub Tyne Valley Artists.

Sea Horses

Collagraph using Carborundum

Pale Moon Rising


I also work in textiles using a variety of techniques both modern and traditional.

Hooked Landscape

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